Aspects of the history of Electronic Art

In which I discuss many of the technologies and conceptual constructs upon which contemporary electronic art is based:
Early computing and computer graphics.
The history of electronic art and video art in Australia.
Restoration and archiving of video art.

by Stephen Jones and Associates P/L

Sydney, NSW.



The production of art and images, music and text, interactive performance and installation using contemporary computing technologies; flat-screen or CRT video monitors, complex operating systems, networks, digital signal processing, etc, etc, though intensely modern, have surprisingly deep roots in Western culture and technological development. Some of them, particularly the number systems and technologies of image making, even go back into times before the ancient cultures of China, India and the Arab world.


Incunabula of Computing and Computer Graphics

On the technological and creative background of contemporary computing and computer graphics.

The Electric Telegraph

In which I discuss the beginnings of data transmission.

Facsimile and the Transmission of Images

In which I discuss the production and transmission of images by electro-mechanical means.

Calculating Machines

Here I discuss Mechanical Calculating Machines.

Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine

On the first Computing Machine.

The Cathode Ray Tube

On the development of an electronic display device that led to television.

Electronic Imaging begins

On the Television and the CRT display in electronic imaging.

The first electronic Digital Computers

Colossus and the Manchester “Baby”.

Australia’s first Computers – CSIRAC

Australia’s first Computers – SILLIAC

Built in the Physics Department, University of Sydney.

The beginnings of Computer Graphics in Australia

On the use of printers and plotters to produce computer graphics.

Data Visualisation and Computer Graphics

The next stage in the development of computer graphics.

Computer art and the PDP-8

Doug Richardson and the first Artist’s computer graphics system

Computers and Electronics in the Arts : Australia 75

The first major exhibition of electronic arts in Australia

Philippa Cullen: the Theremin and the dance